Cover Conundrum

Working on Kathryn’s book cover design. Which one?!



Fox and Fawn…

20140131_094645First posts are a bit tricky. They make me feel like whatever I post will somehow set the tone of every post to follow. But I found a work-around.

As an artist and writer, I tell myself I ought to be posting–well, my art and my writing. Instead, I’m going to post a simple photo. Me happy in my fox-and-fawn sweater.

Happy because I’m so excited about my new venture with my sister, Kathryn: co-writing and publishing under the imprint Fox Tale Press. And everything foxes these days captures my interest.

And other people’s interest too, apparently. Everyone I met this morning commented on my sweater. How excited they were to spy the wily canid hidden among the cervids!

It got me thinking, where in my life am I a fox among fawns? There are so many aspects of myself that are trembling fawns–unsure, unsteady, wobbling from feather-light footstep to footstep. But my creative voice is transforming these days and nights…

I can hear a vixen howling to be set free.